Our commitment

Our commitment

The passion we put into our work is also reflected in a social sphere: we are committed to projects linked to people, their local areas and their communities because we believe that being successful means doing things well and doing more, much more

To our consumers

Our vision of ​​innovation welcomes all nutritional and dietary needs, without exception. We pursue new ideas and invest in the best technologies, whilst respecting nature and the planet, in order to offer safe products that are increasingly in line with consumers' lifestyle

To our people

We are committed to enabling all who work with us to grow via dedicated training projects We collaborate daily in order to face every-day changes and challenges, sharing our experiences to better understand the world around us and our customers

To our environment

We are the first Italian company to commit to the sustainable development of industrial bread, with a certified and transparent approach.
We have joined the Environmental Footprint Assessment Program promoted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.
Through this program, we study the carbon footprint and measure the environmental impact of our most representative products in order to correct and reduce shortfalls. 

Our commitment to reducing environmental impact includes a solid scientific approach, structured around three keywords:


evaluate the potential environmental impacts with the Life Cycle Assessment methodology.


develop new projects for the reduction of these identified environmental impacts. These can range from, for example, energy saving, to the selection of suppliers in line with the Group's values.


adhere to the regulations of environmental compensation projects, especially in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

To our communities

We support numerous projects in our area and beyond
Our solidarity activities are oriented towards the most fragile subjects and designed to build together a more inclusive society
Some organisations we support: I Bambini delle Fate, Veronesi Foundation, Banco Alimentare, AISM, Unicef (Impresa Amica 2023)